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Creating Noodle bar

There's a small scene in "Slice Of Life" film where the main protagonist visits "The White Dragon" Noodle bar to buy some food.

You can't find a sci-fi diner just around the corner, so we decided to build it as a set. It was built in our small home studio in a week. We started with a wooden construction, and dressed it with cardboard, plywood, and interesting styrofoam pieces. A coat of white paint brought it all together. "The White Dragon" name signs were printed and backlit with neon lights to give them a realistic glow. Finding the most horrible dishes to put on the menu was really fun.

Now we had a bar, but to give it that real life credibility you need to detail it - a lot! We used literally every frying pan from our kitchens, bought some chinese decorations at the chinese store, and taped tons of post-its with all kinds of orders around the set. Add a lot of fog, steam and a cool lighting to the mix and you got yourself a pretty convincing noodle bar.

Our friends were standing in as White Dragon customers, and we also hired two chinese extras as the employees. Overall, a week of building, two days of filming, and the scene will be 20 seconds long. That's the harsh reality of filmmaking.

By Admin, on 25 January 2017, tagged as Noodle, Bar.

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